The AS-Interface Expert Alliance is the home of AS-Interface in the UK.

yellow cableWe are a pro-active group of companies, organisations and individuals who have combined resources to support and promote the use of this technology in the UK. Members of the AS-Interface Expert Alliance work independently and together to provide a unique resource for all levels of user. Our membership includes large international manufacturers with UK sales operations, United Kingdom based manufacturers, systems integrators, small niche companies and universities.

The Technology

AS-Interface (AS-i) is the simplest of the industrial networking protocols used in PLC, DCS and PC-based automation systems. It's designed for connecting binary (ON/OFF) devices such as actuators and sensors in discrete manufacturing and process applications using a single cable. It is an 'open' technology supported by 100s of automation vendors. Well over 20 Million AS-i field devices are installed and proven globally.

AS-Interface is a highly efficient networking alternative to the hard wiring of field devices. It is an excellent partner for fieldbus networks such as PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Interbus and Industrial Ethernet, for whom it offers a low-cost remote I/O solution. It is proven in hundreds of thousands of applications, including conveyors, process control valves, bottling plants, electrical distribution systems, airport carousels, elevators, bottling lines and food production lines. AS-i is even available in a cut-down version known as AS-i SW for ultra-simple devices such as panel switches and indicators.

Functional Safety too! AS-i provides the ideal basis for Functional Safety in machinery safety/emergency stop applications. A special profile called Safety at Work (sometimes called ASi-Safe) is used. Safety devices are connected on the same cable as the control system and can provide Safety support up to SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 3 according to IEC 61508. Several members of the UK Expert Alliance specialise in machine safety and can help implement solutions, including risk assessments and reductions, validation and installation. The UK Expert Alliance promotes 'competence' as the most critical qualification of all personnel involved in Safety

Tech Forum Activity

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